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Back to being active ;)

I know this place looks completely abandoned. It hasn't been updated since, oh, September of 2010. I seriously got very lazy in posting icons x( I was wrapped up a bit in new interests, and despite the fact that I did keep making those little square things (and bigger square things, banners FTW), I procrastinated like whoa on getting them up here or anywhere else.

I'm surprised I still really have any watchers *embarrassed* Though I suspect hardly any of you will care, I want to say sorry anyway.

And I also want to say that things won't be so quiet and graveyard-y around here anymore. I am re-starting the posting of graphics xD They've kind of accumulated, too, so I'll have good material for a couple of posts *g*

Oh hey guys, I'm byebyesarang, the new lj identity of creativesmurph :D
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